Sport of Kings Forever Young (Open)

Arising from the local grit, promise, and adversity of the beach, the lineups and streets of Downtown, Sport of Kings Forever Young (SOKFY) celebrates the majestic act of riding waves, and the Brotherhood that embraces this lifestyle. Celebrating individualism and community, along with the simple sensibilities of a bygone era meshed with modern flair, SOKFY provides premium clothing that is authentic and timeless, locally made, and with a commitment of the most quality fabric, fit, and function.

Our community initiative, WCBR West Coast Board Riders, was developed to unify an appreciative community of wave riders in a positive movement to promote camaraderie, ocean knowledge and safety. A brotherhood across generations, united through city surf clubs and friendly competition, with a deep passion for surfing and positive movement that pays it forward to future generations.

The regal act of riding waves…the present, past, and future…the joy is still felt from that first glide to the shore…those feelings are Forever Young…this is the Sport of Kings!

Come join the SOKFY Surf Club to experience the Southern California beach lifestyle with surf lessons, beach clean-ups, water safety, CPR and the stoke of the beach community.

Now open at USC Village!

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